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Court Reporting and Video

We are a leading court reporting agency with a national footprint, one that provides certified court reporters to attorneys and others parties who need to take a deposition. With more than two decades of experience, we have long excelled at meeting the expectations of our legal and corporate clients, providing them with accurate, easily accessible transcripts of depositions, arbitrations, mediation sessions, and other types of legal hearings.

In addition to court reporters, we also provide stenographers, interpreters, videographers, and video conferencing technology to our valued clients. Whether you’re in New York or Los Angeles—or any U.S. city in between—our leading court reporting agency can provide the following court reporting services, and more.

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Local Court Reporters available for Depositions, Hearings and Arbitrations!

  • Legal Videographers
  • Videoconferencing Solutions
  • Conference Rooms
  • Certified Court Reporters
  • Streaming Depositions
  • E-Transcripts
  • RealTime Reporting & Transcripts
  • LiveNote
  • Online Calendar
  • Online Repository
  • Dailies
  • Video Conversion
  • Post-Production Services
  • Interpreters

In addition to providing highly qualified court reporters, stenographers, and interpreters we can provide you with a fully furnished conference room (in any U.S. city), one that has all of the expected mission-critical amenities and services, including phone service and Wi-Fi.

Then, after your deposition or hearing, you can count on us to help you access and manage the transcripts and related documents. Our well-trained support staff is available for technology consulting, freeing you up to spend your time working to win your client’s case or bring it to a favorable conclusion. We also offer litigation support so that you can access and transmit transcripts in the most efficient way possible.

Legal Videography

Most of our longtime clients consider video to be an invaluable tool in legal proceedings, especially when said proceedings reach the courtroom. When hiring a court reporting agency to record and transcribe a deposition, make sure they employ expert videographers equipped with state-of-the-art technology. After all, you want to make certain you don’t miss a single word, gesture or facial expression during the hearing. A subtle nuance captured on videotape can make all the difference when it comes to making a courtroom argument or finalizing a settlement negotiation.

Legal Videographers

That’s why it’s important not to cut corners by using “just anyone” with a camera to film and record your deposition or hearing. A professional legal videographer who has been trained to film in a legal setting—and who understands the importance of lighting, sound, and camera position—can provide you the footage you need to win your case. An experienced legal videographer will also utilize specialized equipment designed to capture the highest-quality audio and video. Using anything—or anyone—else, is penny-wise and pound foolish.

That’s why we make sure our videographers utilize top-of-the-line lighting and sound equipment, to ensure that our demanding clients get the footage they need. We shoot live, using high-gain microphones and high-definition cameras to provide you with the quality video recording you should come to expect.

Don’t overlook the importance of a top quality editor, either. As a leading court reporting agency we have the size and resources to retain experienced video editors to provide post-production services, including services like linear editing, nonlinear editing, and media enhancement. Our offerings also include time-saving services like audio & video duplication. Moreover, we have the ability to provide and convert audio and video to a variety of formats, including CD and DVD.

Legal Video Conferencing

As for those inevitable occasions when it’s not possible to assemble all interested parties in the same room, modern technology now provides a ready solution—legal video conferencing. So don’t feel constrained by geography. By utilizing video conferencing you can eliminate travel & lodging costs and dramatically reduce other expenses, and also avoid the logistical issues of arranging travel for you and your clients.

As a leading court reporting agency, we are able to offer video conferencing services that enable you to take depositions from anywhere in the world. So whether it’s a matter of conflicting schedules or parties not living in close proximity, we are committed to helping you take a deposition or conduct a hearing remotely, while still getting the same face-to-face impact you would have in person.

Conference Rooms Available for Depositions

In addition, if you’re in need of a conference room in which to conduct a video conferenced deposition or arbitration hearing, we have access to hundreds of locations across the country and throughout the world. Single-site video conference or multi-site video conferences are both available.

Video Conferencing Setup and Support for Your Deposition or Arbitration Hearing

If you’re in need of legal video conference services we take care of the setup (including the selection of locations and logistics), and also supply all necessary video and recording equipment. We also test the equipment, ensure working internet access, and link together all locations. We provide technical support throughout, so you concentrate on conducting the hearing or deposition and don’t have to worry about disconnects or other technical issues.

As noted above, we utilize state-of-the-art equipment with HD video and crystal clear audio. All conference room locations come fully furnished and have high-speed Internet, not to mention large monitors and other amenities that our clients have come to appreciate. And once the deposition or hearing is over, we assist with the transfer of transcripts and other materials.

Schedule Video Conferencing Services for Your Next Deposition Today

We are passionate about what we do and the services we provide. When you utilize our video conferencing services, we provide a detailed outline of arrangements made and what you can expect from us.

Interpreting Services

As a leading court reporting agency, we also provide highly experienced interpreters to clients in need. Even in major cities, it’s not always easy for attorneys to find an interpreter who is capable of translating a particular language or a dialect at a moment’s notice. Thanks to our resources and extensive network, we provide qualified interpreters during the time frame you need them.

Certified Court Reporters Available for Any Language or Dialect

In fact, in this day and age—when it seems as if more and more parties to lawsuits or legal proceedings don’t speak English (or don’t speak English as a first language)—we believe that delivering a comprehensive court reporting service means removing any and all language barriers. That’s why we supply certified court reporters and interpreters for virtually any language or dialect, not to mention sign language for the hearing impaired.

We can arrange for interpreting and translation services for more than140 different languages, including romance languages like Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese, plus other commonly spoken languages like Russian, German, Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic. We are prepared to provide real-time translation of attorneys’ questions, in addition to the translation of documents, a commonly requested service during the discovery phase of proceedings.

Retain a Qualified Interpreter for Your Deposition or Hearing

So whether you need an interpreter for a local case, an international deposition, an arbitration hearing, or the translation of a transcript or other document, we can make sure that your needs are met in a timely fashion.

Online Case Management as a Legal Advantage

As you probably know, technology has had a profound impact on legal work and the speed in which it can be completed. That’s why lawyers who can stay organized and quickly access all relevant information are the ones who end up winning the argument or the case at hand.

This is yet another reason it’s advantageous to retain a leading court reporting agency that can provide the technology to supply you with instant access to the documents you need for your deposition, arbitration hearing, or other legal proceeding. If you’re not yet able to do so, imagine being able to view your case information with just one keystroke on a computer—or on an iPad, iPhone, or any other mobile device connected to the Internet.

Online Access to Your Calendar, Transcripts, and Exhibits

Among our many capabilities, we can provide you with online and mobile access to everything related to your case, including:

– A personal online calendar
– Case transcripts
– Exhibits
– Billing information
– Invoices

Our secure online system allows you to view and download any materials you need—24/7. Only you and those individuals you designate (other attorneys, paralegals, and legal secretaries) have access to the highly sensitive materials related to your case.

Get a Dedicated Case Manager to Assist You with Your Deposition

Also in the interest of efficiency, you will have a dedicated case manager who will work with you and ensure that you receive superior service. The responsibilities of the case manager include coordinating your deposition schedule and assigning court reporters, in addition to addressing any other issues that may arise.

Easy Access to Deposition Transcripts

Last but not least, we also provide an online document repository, for easy access to transcripts of depositions and other documents. All essential documents related to your case will be indexed for easy identification and then logged into our online case management system. You can use the system to search for documents, download exhibits, print materials, and even export deposition text with the click of a mouse.

Need physical copies of case documents or transcripts? We also provide traditional imaging and copying services.

Need technical assistance? Our dedicated technicians will work to guide you through our online system and address your specific needs. We are available day or night to answer any questions you may have.

Call us today to retain the services of one of the leading court reporting agencies in the country. You’ll come to find that we appreciate your business and show it every day. Call now!


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